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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Sheet Metal

Laser cutting and processing

3D Printing

3d printing from plastics to metals

CNC Machining

CNC machining services for rapid prototyping and production parts

Injection Molding

Low volume, high quality injection molded parts

Questions you might ask

For the past 10 years, we were manufacturers and customers ourselves. We made parts for medical device, robotics, defense, aviation, consumer goods and many more. We worked with customers and manufacturers around the world: Europe, Asia and the US. We know the problems our customers are facing very well, and we knew that what we did then wasn’t always enough.

Jiga’s customers are startups, manufacturing subcontractors and SMBs, and we excel in robotics, industrial, medical device and drones. We mainly do CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal and injection molded parts.

Yes. We take full responsibility and make sure your parts will always match your specs and needs.

With Jiga you don’t need to worry about the parts. Since we work with a trusted network, you get higher quality, at better prices, more available materials and machines, and you will always be taken seriously – even if your order is small.

You get non-biased feedback, always get the right manufacturer and machines for your parts and requirements.

And lastly, you can get instant quotes from our quoting engine and order, without waiting for quotes and waste time on making comparisons! Our software does it for you, so you can complete an order in less than a minute instead of waiting days for quotes.

"Our parts came out exactly the way we wanted them. Jiga are very fast and always go the extra mile, an all-in-one manufacturing we can actually trust! We're very happy to have them as our suppliers."

yoav amir

Yoav Amir, Moosecare

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