We are creating the new manufacturing standard

Jiga is on a mission to streamline the way manufacturing works today: We are building a digital, simple, and effective way to manage the way things are built, and to bring ideas to life.

Assaf Geuz

As a manufacturer myself, I spent long hours on price quotes, POs, logistics management and tons of crazy overhead.
We built Jiga in order to streamline the manufacturing workflow and provide the industry with a new standard.

Assaf Geuz, Co-founder and CEO

Adar Hay

Founder, CMO

assaf geuz
Assaf Geuz

Founder, CEO

yonatan wolowelsky
Yonatan Wolowelsky

Founder, CTO

alex makeev
Alex Makeev

Full Stack Developer

Michal Meir Raveh
Michal Meir Raveh

Operations Team

Khay Garcia

Marketing Team

What it is like to work at Jiga?
Jiga Team on Zoom

We’re a remote-friendly company with an HQ in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv. Backed by Y Combinator and other amazing investors, our small team is spread throughout the world and we value diversity, freedom of creativity, and work flexibility. We don’t care about your race, religion, or location—as long as you do a good darn job and you are committed to our mission, you’ll have a warm place at Jiga.

Freedom and flexibility

Our team members are located in Israel, America, Europe and Asia. We use tools like Loom, Notion, Kitemaker and Slack to collaborate. That way we allow people to work whenever and wherever they are the most productive regardless of time zones and borders.

Solving real problems

Everyone in Jiga has a huge impact on how modern manufacturing will look in the 21st century.

Friendly and remote

Being a Jiga member means being a good friend, first of all. We don’t only talk about work. We have very passionate discussions about music, sports, travel, and life in between.

Keep on improving

We never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if it’s about supply chain and operations, data science, or personal life – we are always improving and learning how to become better and grow.

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