Density of Onyx Nylon & Carbon g/ml

1.1 g/ml

About Onyx Nylon & Carbon Density

Onyx Nylon is a strong, lightweight material with high tensile strength and low thermal expansion. It's also resistant to chemicals like acids and bases. Onyx Nylon can be used in the aerospace industry for electrical insulation due to its flame retardant properties or as an additive in polyurethanes for increased durability. The density of onyx nylon is 1.76 g/cm3, which ranks it as a low-density material. The stiffness and tensile strength are also very low, making it an easy to work with material. This makes it perfect for mechanical engineers who want to create something that is lightweight but strong enough to last over time.

Onyx Nylon & Carbon Volume to Weight Calculator

Manufacturing processes for Onyx Nylon & Carbon

FDM Markforged (3D Printing)

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