Density of Stainless 904L g/ml

7.95 g/ml

About Stainless 904L Density

The density of stainless 904L is at a weight of 78.1 g/cm3, and has an incredible strength to withstand corrosion. This material is highly resistant to oxidation and can be used in high temperature environments without any fear of rusting or tarnishing. The durability of the metal makes it perfect for use in marine applications as well as medical equipment that requires sterilization before use. The best usages include: mechanical parts, surgical instruments, valves, pumps, fasteners and heat exchangers. It's also great for coating because it doesn't release chromium into the environment when heated above 1000 degrees Celsius which makes it environmentally friendly.

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Manufacturing processes for Stainless 904L

CNC Machining

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