For the past 10 years, we were manufacturers and customers ourselves. We made parts for medical device, robotics, defense, aviation, consumer goods and many more. We worked with customers and manufacturers around the world: Europe, Asia and the US. We know the problems our customers are facing very well, and we knew that what we did then wasn’t always enough.

Jiga’s customers are startups, manufacturing subcontractors and SMBs, and we excel in robotics, industrial, medical device and drones. We expertise in CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal and injection molded parts.

Yes. We take full responsibility and make sure your parts will always match your specs and needs.

We take lead times very seriously. Once you order through automated quoting with the estimated lead times, we go over your request to make sure that we can deliver on time. Then we can commit on lead times. Though we can’t always predict problems, we want you to always have as many good surprises and as little bad ones as possible.

We know. Mistakes happen. That’s part of life!

If there’s a mistake, drop an email to [email protected] with the details. If you made a mistake, we’ll help you to come up with a solution. If the mistake is on our side, we’ll make up for it.

We only work with a network of highly trusted manufacturers – we have strict NDA agreements with each member in our network and we’re able to sign an NDA with customers who request to do so. Additionally, your files will be visible only to the specific manufacturers who are intended to work on your project.

Since we work with a highly professional network, you get higher part quality, at better prices, more available materials and machines, and you will always be taken seriously – even if your order is small.

You get non-biased professional feedback from industry experts, and you always get the right manufacturer and machines for your parts and requirements.

And lastly, you can get instant quotes from our quoting engine and order, without waiting for quotes and waste time on making comparisons! Our software does it for you, so you can complete an order in less than a minute instead of waiting for days.

If Jiga’s software can’t generate an automated quote, you can still order parts through a manual quote.

Jiga is great for startups, sub-contractors and SMBs that need an agile manufacturing solution. We also work with large corporations in various verticals and take care of their low volume, high mix needs.

Yes. You can send us a test part and we handle it like any other part you need to make.

Yes. You can mention that in the notes section with the order id of the previous order from the specific manufacturer you want to work with.

We want you to be able to grow with us and not lose previous expertise with us as your manufacturing solution. Large scale projects are handled differently: you will be matched with the best manufacturer for the job for an ongoing relationship regarding your project.

 In some cases it might be the manufacturer who previously made your prototypes. If you want to start manufacturing on a large scale contact our sales team with your request: [email protected]

Absolutely not. We are able to provide you with great prices since Jiga is able to constantly make comparisons within our network and to get better terms from our partners.

Yes. Every order is checked by a human expert before moving to production. If there are questions, we’ll call. If we can’t provide something that was offered to you by our quoting engine, you will be notified ASAP and won’t be charged.