Minimum Lead Time
Price Range
Layer Height
100 - 300μm
Wall Thickness

When to use Nylon (FDM)?

PA 12 is used for functional parts that require high fatigue strength. This is mainly because it has better mechanical properties than ABS, and has excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Markforged, a manufacturer of 3D printing systems based in Massachusetts, has its own thermoplastic nylon called Onyx. It is a thermoplastic filled with chopped carbon fiber that is very stiff and can produce durable prints. Its micro-carbon reinforcement makes it twice as strong as ABS. PA 6 is an excellent material for additive manufactured tools, prototypes, and production parts. It is has exceptional qualities because it is altogether strong and tough just like the Nylon 6, and is durable and dependable like FDM.
Pros of Nylon (FDM)
Cons of Nylon (FDM)

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Nylon (FDM)'s Properties
Processes3D Printing: FDM
Nylon (FDM)'s MaterialsPA 12, Markforged Onyx, PA 6 Stratasys
Max. Part Size50 x 50 x 50
Tolerances±0.5% with a lower limit of ±0.5 (±0.020″)
Layer Height100 - 300 μm
Wall Thickness0.8 mm
Minimum Lead Time2 days
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