PEEK is high-performing engineering thermoplastic with a very high temperature resistance of up to 260°C. It has a long-term resistance to chemicals and is fully recyclable. It also has wear and fatigue resistance.
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Layer Height
Wall Thickness

When to use PEEK?

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a high-performing engineering thermoplastic. It is colorless and appears to be crystal-like. This material is very biocompatible.
Pros of PEEK
PEEK is a high-performing thermoplastic with great resistance to wear, abrasion, and chemicals. It is invulnerable to damages even under continuous exposure to steam or to hot water.
Cons of PEEK
When used for aerospace and medical applications, which are both technically demanding industries, it may pose serious concern about contamination.

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Kalman Weinrib
PEEK's Properties
ProcessesCNC machining
PEEK's MaterialsPeek
Max. Part Size200 x 80 x 100
Tolerances±0.125 (±0.005″)
Layer HeightIrrelevant μm
Wall Thickness0.75 mm
Minimum Lead Time10 days
Fun Fact
PEEK is a robust polymer which can be used in different applications. Nowadays, PEEK has become an alternative choice to the tradional metals and ceramics in the dental field. It is also used in producing several dental devices (e.g. dental implants, orthodontic braces, healing caps, and denture prosthetic frameworks). Recent studies show that PEEK is a suitable material for removable dental prostheses. It also has biochemical properties like its bone-like modulus, making it a suitable material for these applications.